Kherson girls attract much attention on dating sites and in dating agencies. How can one explain such a secret of their popularity among men who decided to look for a wife in Ukraine?
It is basically wrong to divide Ukrainian girls into ugly and beautiful. Some like a nice figure, others - big breasts, while some like long legs. Everybody has their own tastes and ideals, but men's images of woman's beauty often don't coincide. The secret of Kherson girls lays in... diversity. Yes, it's a unique combinations of completely different types makes Kherson one of the most popular cities of brides in Ukraine.
Blondes and brunettes, tall and short, slim and chubby ones - anyone can come across "his own type" on the city's streets. Pretty, smiling, having an exquisite charm and a but mysterious beauties from Kherson attract men's glances like a magnet. Some girls seldom leave home without a make-up, that's why they always look well-cared-for and elegant. In addition, girls from Kherson know how to choose clothes so that it emphasizes their femininity and sexuality as well as a feeling of style and harmony. And if you add a smile and natural charm to this, you get a hot mix that makes one's heart beat faster.

It's not only a natural beauty that is emphasized by a constant wish to take care of oneself that makes girls from Kherson desired brides by European and American men. Apart from an outer attractiveness of Ukrainian girls they distinguish another 4 important aspects
1. Emotionality. Yes, our girls' character can compete only with that of girls from South America in its expressiveness.
2. Knowing how to accept guests, keep a house clean and cook well are reasons why many men prefer looking for a wife in Ukraine.
3. Intelligence and wisdom. Not every woman can understand and support a man, but Ukrainian women manage to do it.
4. Knowing how to be a faithful partner. No matter how trite it sounds, but faithfulness and devotedness are still valued.

Oksana, 30 y/o

Marina, 28 y/o

Nika, 23 y/o