‘Ukrainian women are smiling, they seldom smoke or drink alcohol, and respect for a man is in their mentality', assure an English-speaking site of a Ukrainian mail order brides agency Goodwife created for foreign fiancés. Here one can get to know that Ukrainian girls always look perfectly, are good lovers and caring mothers. At the same time, they are ready to be grateful for small favors, as they ‘are used to a hard life in the conditions of Ukrainian economy.' Here comes a database of brides – studio photos, explicit clothing, stylish haircuts. Lonely Ukrainian women are of great demand on a marriage market. The statistics shows the same thing: in the central Civil Registry Office of Kiev nearly a thousand of marriages with foreigners is registered.
Ukrainian bridal market is not more than 20 and it has changed significantly since that time. Earlier our girls were ready to marry anyone just to leave. Today they have become picky, especially when it is about Kiev girls. That's why when not young, very handsome, and rich foreigners turn to an agency, they get an advice to slow down and concentrate on a search of a partner of equal age or a bit younger, but not a 20-year-old beauty. Besides, they advice them to pay attention not at the capital only, but at regions with brides who are not as much spoiled.

However, female clients of Ukrainian dating agencies don't have a great choice in their search for a prince. An average foreign fiancé is a man older than 40, often without higher education and earning his bread with manual labor. They understand that in Ukraine they can find such a girl who would never even look at them in their own country.
In the latest years Arabic men more and more often become clients of dating agencies in Ukraine and in Russia. According to the statistics of the agencies, they are not the most dependable fiancés (they eagerly meet Ukrainian girls but seldom merry them). However, they are caring and attentive. Chinese, Japanese and African men are also not against creating a family with our girls, but Ukrainian brides are conservative. Those who are in love with the culture of the East (and eastern men as well) marry Asian men. The others are scared away by exotics.