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Respondents (male clients of the dating agency) were asked a single question: "In what city of Ukraine, to your opinion, do the most beautiful women live?" 450 men were polled. Their opinions about this turned out to be surprisingly similar.

Men put citizens of the capital of Ukraine, Kiev, at the first place by their beauty. Nothing strange about this, as Kiev has definitely occupied the first line of the world rating of the most beautiful women according to a touristic portal.

According to this polling the most important attributes of a woman's beauty are: education, success, and an intellectual development. Probably that's the reason why the most beautiful girls, according to the polled men, are concentrated in big business and cultural centers of Ukraine.

That's the reason why beauties from Odessa found themselves on the second place. Substantiating their choice, men referred to their personal experience, and they explained exclusive feminine beauty of citizens of the southern capital of Ukraine with a centuries-old blood mix of various nations that, as they think, influence one's appearance.

Men gave the third place to a beautiful half of Kharkov. The first capital of Ukraine (Kharkov was the capital in the last century) is famous as a big students' city. There's nothing strange that among thousands of young girls from the whole country men noticed a great number of young beauties.

Women from the "city of brides" Nikolayev, famous to lonely men from Europe and the USA, got the fourth place.

Girls from Kherson found themselves at the 6th place. For a small provincial city it's a great success. Though there are not so many brides from Kherson on dating sites percentagewise, a bright natural beauty of local girls wasn't left unnoticed.

Julia, 28 y/o